3D – Animation

Dussmann – 3D Titles

  Creating 3D Titles within a specified surrounding dividing the individual sections. Creative Director: Juergen Nerger Software: Cinema4D, After Effects Work done for|at INFECTED  

Bringing Up a Truck – 3D Work

Short film called “Bringing up a truck” – WIP Work: 100% fakob – concept, tracking, modelling, texturing, lighting, animation Programming: ICE system to simulate proper bulging of the trucks wheels, multipass compositing, color correction Software: Softimage, Syntheyes, After Effects

Guardian Angel – 3D Work

3D and Compositing work for product film Work: tracking, texturing, lighting, animation, multipass compositing Software: Softimage, Syntheyes, After Effects The Project had a low budget and a very short time frame. Director of Photography: Stefan Pfeiffer

Zugvögel WIP – 3D Work

Based on an idea of the artist Juli Fritz Work: 100% fakob – modelling, lighting, rigging, animation, compositing Software: Softimage, After Effects

fakob – Pixar – Spoof – 3D Work

Self promotion Work: 100% fakob – modelling, rigging, animation Software: Softimage, After Effects

The Street – 3D Work

personal project Software: Softimage, After Effects, PFTrack A subversive way of extending ones influence on urban design, using contemporary digital technologies

PSK-Versicherung – 3D Work

Image film for PSK-Versicherung Work: visual concept, animation, art direction Software: Softimage, Fusion The cube as a universal object for developing scenes. The diffuse lighting setup gives a consistent look. On behalf of Media Art Compagnie.

Musikschulen Wien – Trailer

3D-Visualization and Animation of the logo design for the “Musikschulen Wien”. Work: Animation Software: Softimage, After Effects Work done for Qarante Brand Design