I Know Words – a word game
  1. Find all words out of the given letters
  2. To get to the next level, find the longest word
  3. Use the WARP button to get inspired
  4. If you are curious what a word means, click on it.

Pro tip: Swiping is faster. To write NET you would start swiping on the N, then to the E and continue to the T. Avoid the other letters in the swipe.

Try it, it’s free – iknowwords.fakob.com


  • Currently 3 languages are supported (English, German and Norwegian). However, the English dictionary is the one which is most accurate. 
  • Operate with one hand. Use the switch option to go from Left Hand to Right Hand mode.

Installation: No installation required.

Requirements: I Know Words is a mobile browser game and should work in all most recent browsers. It has been mostly tested on mobile and there mostly on Android/Chrome. I have observed swiping issues in some Safari versions on iOS. Remember, the software is still in beta stage. I appreciate comments, suggestions and bugreports :-) Send Feedback