Sticky: MoviePrint – Free open source tool to perceive, analyse and archive movies with ease

    MoviePrint – Free open source tool Download     CUSTOMISE LOOK – Set a custom grid, adjust file and frame specific data, margins etc. to create a custom look for your MoviePrints. SET IN AND OUT POINTS – Define custom In and Out Points for your MoviePrint if you only want to use a section of […]

I Know Words – a word game

Find all words out of the given letters To get to the next level, find the longest word Use the WARP button to get inspired If you are curious what a word means, click on it. Pro tip: Swiping is faster. To write NET you would start swiping on the N, then to the E and continue […]

Anno – Styleframes

Style Frames for Anno – a reality show from NRK  – PITCH. We travel back in time. The year is 1764 and we watch 14 contestants compete against each other climbing up the ladder of wealth and honor. Work: Design Software: After Effects Work done for Helmet

MoviePrint – an OSX Tool

    MoviePrint – FREEWARE New version – FREE Download         Old version – MoviePrint – Version Download of old version – find below MoviePrint lets you createscreenshots of entire movies in an instant. Making custom contact sheets of your movies was never easier and more beautiful. Features: Customize the look of your MoviePrint (Rows, […]

Tomorrow is another day – Animation Short

“Tomorrow is another day” is the first of a series of Animation Shorts exploring the perception of life Activate Your Perception – NOW Work: concept, realization Software: After Effects

Silhouette Edge Drawing – Alpha – ICE Development

(to see the subtle differences the different modes provide, the vimeo videos should be played HD fullscreen) Download: First realease of my free Silhouette Edge Drawing xsiaddon (Alpha Version): http://transfer.fakob.com/silhouette_edge_drawing/fak_SED.xsiaddon Installation: Just drag and drop the xsiaddon on to softimage You need to have the latest em-tools installed http://www.mootzoid.com/plugin/emtools You might also need the Visual C++ […]

Kari Traa Leikane – Motion Graphics

Design and Animation of the motion graphics elements for the norwegian reality game show Kari Traa Leikane on TV3. Some explanatory movies and other graphics are still in the making. (the second and third row shows a selection of the progress) Work: Design, Animation Software: After Effects Work done for Helmet btw: the beautiful background image comes also […]

Bringing Up a Truck – 3D Work

Short film called “Bringing up a truck” – WIP Work: 100% fakob – concept, tracking, modelling, texturing, lighting, animation Programming: ICE system to simulate proper bulging of the trucks wheels, multipass compositing, color correction Software: Softimage, Syntheyes, After Effects

Guardian Angel – 3D Work

3D and Compositing work for product film Work: tracking, texturing, lighting, animation, multipass compositing Software: Softimage, Syntheyes, After Effects The Project had a low budget and a very short time frame. Director of Photography: Stefan Pfeiffer

Zugvögel WIP – 3D Work

Based on an idea of the artist Juli Fritz Work: 100% fakob – modelling, lighting, rigging, animation, compositing Software: Softimage, After Effects

Kino unter Sternen – Cinematic Trailer

A twenty second promotional trailer on 35mm Work: 100% fakob – from concept to implementation Software: After Effects Done for Cinema under the Stars. — Within twenty seconds one can have a nice thought and even enjoy it a little. Within twenty seconds one can go down, but think it over again. Within twenty seconds […]

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema – Title Animation

Motion Graphics for the Movie “The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema” by Sophie Fiennes (Channel4 / WDR / 3sat) Work: 100% fakob – visual concept, title animation, inserts, credits, VFX Software: After Effects “A unique journey through film history. Been now world-famous psychoanalyst and culture theoretician Slavoj Zizek takes us using famous film fragments to the deepest […]

fakob – Pixar – Spoof – 3D Work

Self promotion Work: 100% fakob – modelling, rigging, animation Software: Softimage, After Effects

Filmspace – Architecture of the Mind – Thesis

Filmspace – Architecture of the Mind about the translation of liminality into filmspace, in the Science Fiction movie GATTACA This is my thesis for an architectural masters degree. It was written at the Departement of Architectural Theory in Vienna / Prof. Kari Jormakka.

Fatal Promises – Motion Graphics

Title and Infographic Design for the Documentary Fatal Promises by Katharina Rohrer www.fatalpromises.com Work: 100% fakob – from concept to implementation Software: After Effects Ukraine is a nation struggling to establish a stable economy, a functioning legal system and to control criminal enterprises. Tragically, since the fall of the Soviet Union hundreds of thousands of […]

RIMINI – Title Animation

Motion Graphics for the Movie “RIMINI” by Peter Jaitz. Work: visual concept, title animation, credits, tracking Software: After Effects, Boujou Alex, age 30, quits his job, without knowing why. Hans, a police detective, knows what he wants, but is not allowed to do so anymore. And the film student Siggi can imagine almost everything. Two […]

The Street – 3D Work

personal project Software: Softimage, After Effects, PFTrack A subversive way of extending ones influence on urban design, using contemporary digital technologies

PSK-Versicherung – 3D Work

Image film for PSK-Versicherung Work: visual concept, animation, art direction Software: Softimage, Fusion The cube as a universal object for developing scenes. The diffuse lighting setup gives a consistent look. On behalf of Media Art Compagnie.

Greenkat – Ident

A 10 second trailer for the independent production company – Greenkat Productions. Work: animation Software: After Effects Work done for Qarante Brand Design

Museum of Art and Technology – Design Study

A complete architectural design study (including presentational renderings) for the “Museum of Art and Technology” on West 21st street in Chelsea.This was done during my stay in New York City. Work: concept, modelling, animation, compositing Software: 3DS Max, ArchiCad, After Effects

Musikschulen Wien – Trailer

3D-Visualization and Animation of the logo design for the “Musikschulen Wien”. Work: Animation Software: Softimage, After Effects Work done for Qarante Brand Design