Plug and Playground – a creative prototyping tool to explore, transform or visualise data

A visual toolkit for creative prototyping to explore, transform or visualise data. Work in progress – Problems to solve Goals to reach

Sticky: MoviePrint – Free open source tool to perceive, analyse and archive movies with ease

    MoviePrint – Free open source tool Download     CUSTOMISE LOOK – Set a custom grid, adjust file and frame specific data, margins etc. to create a custom look for your MoviePrints. SET IN AND OUT POINTS – Define custom In and Out Points for your MoviePrint if you only want to use a section of […]

I Know Words – a word game

Find all words out of the given letters To get to the next level, find the longest word Use the WARP button to get inspired If you are curious what a word means, click on it. Pro tip: Swiping is faster. To write NET you would start swiping on the N, then to the E and continue […]

MoviePrint – an OSX Tool

    MoviePrint – FREEWARE New version – FREE Download         Old version – MoviePrint – Version Download of old version – find below MoviePrint lets you createscreenshots of entire movies in an instant. Making custom contact sheets of your movies was never easier and more beautiful. Features: Customize the look of your MoviePrint (Rows, […]

Silhouette Edge Drawing – Alpha – ICE Development

(to see the subtle differences the different modes provide, the vimeo videos should be played HD fullscreen) Download: First realease of my free Silhouette Edge Drawing xsiaddon (Alpha Version): Installation: Just drag and drop the xsiaddon on to softimage You need to have the latest em-tools installed You might also need the Visual C++ […]