Sticky: MoviePrint – Free open source tool to perceive, analyse and archive movies with ease



MoviePrint – Free open source tool




CUSTOMISE LOOK – Set a custom grid, adjust file and frame specific data, margins etc. to create a custom look for your MoviePrints.

SET IN AND OUT POINTS – Define custom In and Out Points for your MoviePrint if you only want to use a section of the movie.

INSERT AND MOVE THUMBS – Easily insert thumbs and move them around via drag and drop.

SELECT FRAMES – Scrub through the movie with ease and select frames for every single thumb individually.

SAVE THUMBS – Easily save individual thumbs or save all thumbs of a MoviePrint at once.

BATCH CREATE – Automatically create MoviePrints from all your movies.

SHOT DETECTION – Scan the movie with a simple shot detection to get more interesting MoviePrints.

TIMELINE VIEW – Change to timeline view where every thumb is as wide as the shot is long.

EMBED MOVIEPRINT DATA – Embed the data of the chosen thumbs to reedit your MoviePrint at a later stage.