Plug and Playground – a creative prototyping tool to explore, transform or visualise data

A visual toolkit for creative prototyping to explore, transform or visualise data.

Work in progress –

Problems to solve

  • As a user with no/little programming knowledge I am creatively limited by prototyping or design tools.
  • As a programmer the threshold for fast and creative prototyping with code is too high.
  • As a user who wants to visualize and/or interact with data, CSV or .xlsx in a visual, quick and easy way.

Goals to reach

  • Provide an extensive library of nodes to receive, transform and output data
  • Make it easy to jump between visual and real coding
  • Make it easy to use for mouse, trackpad and keyboard people
  • Make it easy to add nodes or libraries of others
  • Allow for easy sharing, forking and collaborating
  • Make the tool self explanatory and build in examples and comments
  • Make it cross platform and open source